Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment, Health & Safety

Silicones are safe for people, manufacturing processes and the environment as confirmed by thousands of laboratories.

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is the most commonly used Silicone in the environment.

Emulsions made from PDMS dosen’t adversely effect waste water treatment operations.

PMDS doesn’t bioaccumalate-build up to toxic levels in the tissues of living organisms.

PDMS has shown no adverse effect on insects, birds, aquatic animals, plant growth etc.

Chemicals are essential to modern life

TRIO chemicals products can be used in place of regulated solvents to make formulations safer for people & the environment as all the products manufactured by TRIO are low in VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) and APEO free.

Silicone deformers do not contain dibenzodioxin or dibenzofurons & do not form harmful by products, they do not add to BOD (Biological Oxygen demand) in water systems & have proven safe for waste water treatments operations.

Product Safety

Our customers put our products (TRIO CHEMICALS - additives and ingredients) into their final products, which make their way onto store shelves, into industrial equipment and in vehicles for transportation. We test our products for safety. Likewise, government regulations and our customers require that our products be checked to ensure they are in compliance with global chemical-control laws. We have a product compliance management system, "vision", in place to implement best practices. This gives us the ability to enhance our global regulatory compliance and hazard communication services for our customers, employees and communities where we do business.

Employee Health and Safety

TRIO CHEMICALS Standards of Care - the best policies, procedures and practices that we uphold at our Organization for safety procedures and guidelines. Beyond those are TRIO CHEMICALS Elements of Excellence, which are superior practices in safety, health, environment and security.

The goals for these Elements of Excellence:

  • Reduce risk, resulting in fewer injuries
  • Minimize harm to the environment
  • Eliminate incidents that would generate negative community impact
  • Increase operational integrity
  • Improve profitability

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