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We sincerely believe the quality, price, delivery, and the relationships we have cultivated with a worldwide customer base will lead us to further success. Trio Chemicals & Allied Products was established in the year 2010 as a manufacturer and supplier of Additives and Speciality Chemicals for various industries.

In compliance with exigencies of patron demand, we have developed and continue to sharpen our aptitude in a host of novel capabilities including Antifoam, Defoamers, Foam Control Agents, Textile Auxiliaries, Simethicone, Sugar processing chemicals, Co - Dispersants, Other Performance Additives.

Trio Range of Products
Trioban comprise of defoamers and antifoaming agents used to reduce or prevent foam formation in industrial processes. Formation of foam in manufacturing... read more...
Triocide comprises of preservatives/ biocides. Various kinds of microbial organisms exist in aqueous products like paints and inks. Hence they are susceptible to spoilage... read more...
Triosurf range of surfactants, organic compound that is amphiphilic containing both water-soluble and water-insoluble components. Surfactants are key ingredients in consumer... read more...
Triosil offers mould release agents for textiles, chemicals, rubber, hot metal lubricants and coating Industries. Moulds are used for giving shape to concrete or other materials... read more...
Triocare range covers simethicone 100% and 30% and dimethicone with different viscosity. Simethicone is used as an antifoaming agent in the manufacture of drugs... read more...
Triofloc flocculants and coagulants are used in effluent water treatment processes for suspended solids removal, water clarification,... read more...
Triochem Speciality blended aqueous additives are used in the process of manufacturing excellent quality paints. Triochem helps in improving wetting and retaining... read more...
Triosoft silicone softeners are a clear, colorless, slightly viscous liquid used to smoothen out fabric and textile surfaces. Triosoft is an organic silicone softener designed for use on natural... read more...

We would like to thank all our booth visitors for taking their time to visit our booth during Largest Business Conclave BNI VYAPAAR 2019 on 8th June 2019

We would like to thank all our booth visitors for taking their time to visit our booth during Chemspec -15th Exhibition of Fine and Specilaity Chemicals on 16-17 April 2019.

We enjoyed meeting you and were glad to discuss your requirements and exploring business opportunities together.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@triochemicals with any questions or further information.

Trio Chemicals is ISO 14000 Certified Company

Triochemicals has launched Very efficient defoamer TRIOBAN PC NSDL for multiple industry.

Triochemicals has launched economic defoamer TRIOBAN PA 550 for potato chips making industry.

Triochemicals has launched a new water based defoamer TRIOBNA PC SDXL in economic range.

Trio now has Defoamers which are Fssai Certified

Trio now has IP, BP, USP Licence for Pharmaceutical Products

Trio is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Applied for ISO 14000 Certification

Trio Chemicals and Buzil Rossari has done a joint venture to cater Processed Food industries together in Indian Sub-Continent.

Trio opens Branch offices in Pune, Chennai, Mathura, Gurgaon.

Corporate Office:
M Cube Business Hub , A - 307 -310 , 3rd Floor , NH 48 , Balitha , Vapi - 396191 , Gujarat , India

 : +91 99251 47809

 : +91 90334 55553