An organo modified Silicone softener designed for use on natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp and human hair, synthetics and blends, wovens and nonwovens, knits and flocked goods, apparels, children wear, sheeting, upholstery and terry towels. They have to be non-yellowing and compatible with other typical resin finishing bath components, including durable press resins, organic softeners, etc. imparting a silky, slick hand to treated garments.

With the help of organic metallic compounds, In addition to improved tear strength and shade enhancement, they also ensures silky soft handle, moisture management, fastness improvement and finishes for whites. These softeners have wide application in textile finishing. Silicone softeners not only makes blends for natural fabrics, but also for polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers. After treatment, the fabric is anti-wrinkle, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-pilling and plump, soft, elastic and glossy, with a smooth, cool and strong style improving the strength of the fiber and reducing abrasion. Silicone softeners also improve product quality and add value in textile dyeing and finishing processing. Silicone softeners are soluble in water, have excellent hygroscopicity and good permeability, moisture absorption and antistatic property, good resilience and wrinkle resistance, no demulsification, no floating oil and not easy to get yellowing in high temperature.


  • Textile Industry

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Silicone (Liquid)
Product Name Chemical Type Composition Applicaton Property
TRIOSOFT WC 5001 Weakly Cationic Modified Amino Silicone Suitable for Cotton,Rayon,Nylon,Polyester & P/C Blended Fabric Super Silky feel with Softness & smooth Touch
TRIOSOFT WC 5002 Weakly Cationic Reactive Amino Silicone Suitable for wool/polyester/Velvet/cotton & Blend Fabric Elastic feel, unique Bounce & crease recovery
TRIOSOFT WC 5003 Weakly Cationic High molecular weight reactive amino silicone Suitable for Polyester,knit Cotton,Garment Washing Elastomeric, film forming softner with unique bouncy feel.
TRIOSOFT CS 5004 Cationic Reactive Amino Silicone Inner Softnes, body and bouncy feel Soft, Dry and Bouncy feel, along with surface feel .
TRIOSOFT CS 5005 Cationic Organomodified Silicone Fine soft fluffy & Smooth feel Unique Fluffy Feel Along with Excellent Surface Smoothness
TRIOSOFT CS 5006 Cationic Blend of amino & Epoxy Silicone Polyester Soft &Dry feel
TRIOSOFT NS 5007 Non ionic Organomodified Silicone Terry Towel, Cotton, Circular Knitted Fabric, Polyster and cotton blend. Hydrophillic Softner
TRIOSOFT 600 Weakly Cationic Organomodified Silicone New Generation Nano Emulsion for Extremely soft, Supple and flowing handle with excellent drape and bounce. Water dilutable Silicone Softener
TRIOSOFT 532 Weakly Cationic Organomodified Silicone Durable, Hydrophilic Reactive Polymer for Luxurious, Soft and flexible Handle Water dilutable Hydrophilic Silicone Softener

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