Triochem Speciality blended aqueous additives are used in the process of Audemars Piguet Swiss Replica manufacturing excellent quality paints.
Triochem helps in improving wetting and retaining the quality of paint.

Our Specialty additives are formulated using the best quality materials to improve ease of application, enhance appearance, provide protective qualities and improve adhesion of exterior latex paints, primers and stains on hard-to-coat surfaces. Triochem rules out the need for a primer, providing desirable characteristics that the paint might otherwise lack.

TRIOCHEM is our range of speciality additive chemicals which comprises of several sub-segments, each with individualized product. They are used on the basis of their performance or function. These additives are formulated using the best quality materials to improve ease of process.

TRIOCHEM range of segments are generally recommended for  speciality polymers, corrosion inhibitors, industrial cleaners, surfactants, textile auxiliaries, anti-oxidants, plastic additives, paper chemicals, rubber-processing chemicals, textile chemicals, water management chemicals, oil field chemicals & synthetic lubricants

Sugar Specialty Chemicals

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate food item that can be derived from a number of sources, of which sugarcanes and sugar beet are the most important. While naturally occurring sugar is derived from plant tissues, it is quite different from the form in which it is available in the market. In order to process naturally occurring sugar and render it usable for common purposes, special sugar chemicals are used that generate solid sugar crystals from their original form. Here is a look at the various chemicals that are used in the sugar processing industry.  

  • Mill Sanitation Chemicals
  • Viscosity Reducer
  • Antiscalant
  • Scale Softener
  • pH Booster for Spray Pond
  • Decolorizing Agent
  • Flocculant
  • Algicides
  • Antifoams
  • Bagasse Pol & Moisture Reducer
  • Seeds Slurry


The substances that are removed during the water treatment process are suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae, and minerals. The process involves both physical and chemical methods. The chemical used in this process are called water treatment chemicals.  

  • Boiler water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment


We are a one-stop provider of Hygiene & Cleaning solutions for all industries, especially the food chain from farm to fork, Healthcare and Commerce. Solutions are wide-ranging, innovative and sustainable, with the company taking a highly responsible approach to chemicals. 

  • Cleaning In Place (CIP)
  • Disinfectants & Sanitizers
  • Open Plant Cleaning (OPC)
  • Personal Care