Triocide comprises of preservatives/ biocides. Various kinds of microbial organisms exist in aqueous products like paints and inks. Triocide BiocidesHence they are susceptible to spoilage leading to losses. The spoilage can be attributed to in-can and dry-film microbial degradation of paints. Biocides prevent spoilage during the life of the product.

Biocides are crucial to water based liquid industries as they encompass important factors like a broad spectrum of activity, a long-term performance with temperature/pH stability, compatibility with other paint ingredients, effective at low dosages, low/zero VOC and low toxicity to humans and the environment. Triocide ensure that all rmulations are devoid of unwanted impurities and unknown toxicity. They offer complete protection to all types of paints, coatings and timber exterior coatings from fungal and algal growth.

We deliver dry film preservatives and in can preservatives to a host of aqueous industrial applications and products:

  • Water Treatment - Biocides and Polymers (Dispersant)
  • Sugar Industry - Process Chemicals and Mill Sanitation
  • Paper
  • Paints and Coatings Preservation
  • Adhesives, Inks and Art Materials
  • Metal Working Fluid Fluids
  • Starch and Natural Gums
  • Recreational Water
  • Dairy and Poultry
  • Oil and Gas