TRIODISP is a surface active chemical that has a solvating action on the material to be dispersed and thus promotes formation of dispersion by dispersing or suspending it. Dispersants help maintain a state of dispersion by preventing settling or aggregation. Dispersing agents are the additives used for an easier and stable suspension of particles in liquids. They help improve the workability of fluids by reducing the viscosity of dispersion.

These polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based technologies are known for outstanding color development, viscosity reduction, enhanced gloss and stability as well as suitability for low-VOC and APEO-free systems.

TRIODISP are generally used for construction, paints & coatings, pulp & paper, detergents, oil & gas, agricultural, pharmaceuticals industries.

Dispersing agent can offer several benefits such as:

  • Dispersing time reduction
  • Very effective for the long term stabilization
  • Action mode: steric hindrance
  • Polyvalent family (waterborne, solvent borne, organic or inorganic material)