Triosil offers mould release agents for textiles, chemicals, rubber, hot metal lubricants and coating Industries. Moulds are used for giving shape to concrete or other materials. Moulds are meantto be used again and again to save time, money and efforts. In order to be able to release the moulds in an undamaged manner, mould release agents are used. This release agent prevents the concrete from getting stuck or attached to the mould, leaving scope for a repeat use of the mould. Our mould releasing agents, Triosil silicone emulsions and silicone oils, understand the value of material costs and efforts that go into the construction of a mould, which is why we strive to give you the best in release agents, making your process easy, fast and stress free.

Triosils are easy to apply and have a short drying time thus preventing the machine and the die cast mould from corrosion. Advanced processing techniques are implemented in making our agents to ensure long shelf life which is why our clients vouch for Triosil as it is tasteless, non toxic, has ideal water stability, good film-forming property, high temperature performance, excellent lubrication properties and mould cleaning effect.