TRIOSTAR¬† is a Star-polymer based 3D structure, containing hydrophilic as well as hydrophobic elements. Unlike conventional MO based and silicone defoamer, TRIOSTAR molecule defoams on molecular level. It acts as a unique surfactant interacting with the foam stabilizing surfactants and destabilizes the foam bubbles. When combined with conventional defoamer types its yields faster bubble break times and improves the overall efficiency.

Bubble break-time is the time in second needed to break all macro foam in paint & ink films; shorter the time, better the defoamer used to solve numerous common formulating problems and provide a unique combination of performance benefits in various end user applications.

The core product of this line, has a unique chemical structure that provides multifunctional properties such as surface tension reduction and foam control. Also depending upon the formulation, it can offer a combination of benefits which includes wetting, dispersing and defoaming with negligible effect on water dispersibility.