Enzymes are very useful catalysts in many different industrial processes because they perform very specifically, at a particular processing step in the manufacture of a product. The enzymes used in industrial processes also originate from nature, and therefore can be used in the same way as nature does.

TRIOZYMES are used in foods and beverages processing, animal nutrition, textiles, household cleaning ,bakery and other¬† processing industries.They are also used in numerous technical applications such as in paper recycling to remove ink, laundry and dishwashing detergents (to remove grease, starch and protein stains), textile processing and fabric finishing (i.e. to remove impurities, to provide a stone washed effect), ethanol production to break down the starch and cellulose into fermentable sugars.

The enzyme engineering is a powerful way to obtain large amounts of enzyme for biocatalysis in order to replace traditional chemical processes.

Benefits of Triozyme:

  • Enabling various industries to guarantee the quality and stability of its products with increased production efficiency
  • They help to improve resource efficiency in the food chain by reducing processing losses.
  • Enables the manufacturing of high quality products, increasing the yields and avoiding unwanted by-products.